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History of White Mountain Jewelers

Peter Tims, a third generation jeweler, opened White Mountain Jewelers in the fall of 1995 in Show Low, Arizona.


Peter began his training at the age of eight when, with the help of his father, he started cutting semi-precious gemstones.  By age ten, Peter was designing and fabricating silver jewelry, which led him to a six year apprenticeship with a Master Goldsmith.  He then spent two years working with and learning from a Master Watchmaker.


Like so many other industries, the jewelry industry has been evolving to meet the new challenges of our modern world.  White Mountain Jewelers has positioned itself to be on the forefront of these changes.  They were among the first jewelry stores in northeast Arizona to:


• Own a laser welding machine that can assist the jeweler in repairing jewelry that was once either not repairable or very expensive to repair.


• Use two dimensional computer aided design to quickly show their customers what a redesigned piece of jewelry would look like.


• Own and operate three dimensional CAD software and hardware.  This allows them to design and produce fabulous designs that once  

 would have been difficult or expensive otherwise.


• Have a computerized engraving machine.  Their customers can get almost anything engraved (metal, crystal, plastic, wood, cardboard,    

  etc.) with almost any design, sketch, or font lettering that they desire.


• Attach a video camera to a binocular microscope and a monitor so their customers can see diamonds and jewelry under high

 magnification.  This allows the jeweler to point out various features of the gem or jewelry to the customer.


Few jewelers throughout Arizona, the United States, and even the world have one of the items listed above.  White Mountain Jewelers has all five!  They combine the very best of old world craftsmanship with the most modern technology available.  Thus you can be secure with the knowledge you will receive the best there is to offer for your jewelry experience.



1004 E. Deuce of Clubs, Suite A

Show Low, AZ 85901



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