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Symbols from around the world are brought together in this amulet to offer blessings of luck, love, wealth and happiness. The amulet of Life has been designed to represent the balance between body and spirit -

displaying ancient symbols that have represented all of our greatest desires in life for thousands of years.

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Amulet of Life


Since the dawn of recorded history,  gold as been a symbol of power and wealth.  Gold has been linked over the millennia with everything to do with health, wealth, and helps us move to accomplishment our goals.

It should be noted that most things sold as gold these days isn’t pure.  They usually

have other alloys combined with the gold.  24k gold is pure gold only.

The Amulet of Life is made of only pure, 24k Solid Gold.   (Approximately 32mm x 37mm)

$4,600 - VISIT STORE $4,600 - VISIT STORE Amuletboxed1x400 DOWNLOAD DETAILED SHEET 3Amulet-of-Life---WMjewelersx555-4816web